All Park guests (drivers, passengers, children, spectators, etc.) must enter the Park Store and complete a Release and Waiver of Liability Form in order to be on the property. The Park is neither liable or responsible for damage, loss, or theft of personal property or injury to guests.

All operators of Off-Road Vehicles must have a valid driver’s license. Children under the age of 18 may drive an Off-Road Vehicle if they are supervised at all times by a parent or legal guardian AND have a Release and Waiver of Liability Form signed by a parent or legal guardian.

All Off-Road Vehicle drivers and riders should follow the manufacturer’s safe operating procedures. Please be sure that your ORV has the appropriate equipment needed to operate on the rough terrain in the Park. Everyone in an SUV and UTV must wear their seat belt at all times while in the vehicle.

All ATV and Dirt Bike Riders are required to wear DOT-approved safety helmet. Protective gear, including, but not limited to those items listed by the manufacturer and the ATV Safety Institute, are strongly recommended. Please follow the age restrictions set by the government for ATV’s. Only one person per ATV/ Dirt Bike. Passengers are not allowed on ATVs or Dirt Bikes, except for factory-built two-passenger machines. No aftermarket or homemade seating for two is allowed. 

Everyone rides at their own risk. Know your limitations and do not exceed the capabilities of your vehicle. The Park IS NOT responsible for your recovery in the event of breakdown or immobility. This is a Self-Recovery Park, and we do not offer recovery services of any kind. We do not offer “rain checks” or refunds due to weather and/or equipment failure.

Alcoholic beverages or mind-altering substances (which may impair a person’s judgment) are NOT allowed in the trail riding areas. Alcoholic beverages may be consumed responsibly in the campground area only. 

Hunting, illegally-carried firearms, fireworks, and explosives are not allowed in the Park.

Help us keep our Park clean for everyone to enjoy. Place trash in an appropriate trashcan or “Pack It In, Pack It Out.” Trash and Aluminum Can bins are located throughout the campground. Please place bagged trash (household garbage only) in the dumpster near the front gate. We also offer mesh Trail Trash Bags for sale in our Park Store. Pets need to remain with the owner and on a leash at all times. Please pick up after your pet.

Please help us preserve our property. Ride only on established trails. Do not ride in or cross streams/creeks unless they are obviously part of the marked trail system. Stay within the Park’s boundaries. Do not remove or destroy trees, shrubs, plants, or animals. We want them to remain for everyone to enjoy. Open fires are not allowed on the trails. Camping is permitted only in the designated camping areas. 

Drive 5 mph in the Parking Lot and Campground Area. Excessive speed and reckless driving is NOT permitted. Please follow posted speed limit signs. We love our children, pets, employees, and guests. Please be very careful to follow this rule.  There will be plenty of time to drive on the trails. This rule is a big deal to our families. When on the trails, please slow down and yield to main traffic roads.

Off-Road Vehicles are to be operated from 8am until sunset only. We do allow night riding under certain circumstances, however you MUST speak with an Employee of the Park in the Park Store to discuss the details before riding after sunset. 


We cannot wait for you and your family and/or friends to join us at our Park. If you have read through these Rules & Regulations, and you already know that you will not be able or do not want to follow our rules, please find a different park to ride in that has rules that you can follow. Your safety and the safety of our guests, employees, and families is important to us.